News Volunteers for Daglio Camp in August 2022

Volunteers for Daglio Camp in August 2022

Daglio Children Camp, August 7th-19th. Call for male volunteers, a doctor/nurse, and the last few places left for children/young Yuvas.

We are delighted that so many of you have already signed up for this Summer’s Children Camp.

We have around 30 places left for children, so if you would like your son/daughter to join please register them at:
(Age groups are from 7 -10 years; 11 – 15 years, and 16 – 19 years for our young Yuvas).

We now need your help to make sure that the camp runs smoothly and in a balanced manner. For that WE NEED UNCLES!!

There are a lot of jobs for which manpower is needed at the camp: carrying lots of grocery provisions; heavy lifting; occasional plumbing/electricity emergencies; driving the minibus; going up step ladders; gardening; setting up tents; removing refuse; general maintenance… the list goes on!

We would also like to invite uncles who can offer the following activities to our children:
• Orienteering
• Den building
• Clay/pottering
• Music/bhajans
• Martial arts.

Male Sahaja Yogis and older Yuvas, please consider coming to this Summer’s Camp!

Finally, WE NEED A DOCTOR AND/OR NURSE, to guarantee a safe stay for all our children. We always have at least one First Aider on the Camp, but what we really like is to have a qualified medical professional as well. If you are one, or know one, please get in touch:

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