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Sahaja Yoga

It is a Living Process

Sahaja Yoga is a form of yoga initiated by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, when during the depth of her meditation, she made the last breakthrough integrating the spiritual and the physical dimensions on the 5th May 1970. She knew then that this meant that all mankind could now easily attain yoga, the subtle spiritual connection which leads to a higher awareness. This state of Self Realisation had been achieved by very few in the past and only after colossal effort. The state is not new, but now, thanks to Shri Mataji, the method of achieving it is revolutionary. Effortless, spontaneous en masse realisation is now possible. Shri Mataji discovered that her presence or even her photograph triggered this transformative energy. She dedicated her life to working tirelessly for the benevolence of humanity by travelling worldwide granting Self realisation to all who were ready to receive it.

Experience your Self realisation

In Sanskrit, Sahaja (सहज) means ‘born with’ (‘Saha’ is with, ‘ja’ is born), and Yoga means union. The name, therefore, translates to ‘the union which one is born with.’


This union is between your true self and the all-pervading power that permeates all elements of life. It is achieved through a process that awakens the dormant energy called Kundalini that is within each human being. This process is known as Self Realisation. Once the Kundalini is awakened, the individual experiences a blissful state of thoughtless awareness, where the mind is silent and they simply witness the present moment.


Ancient yoga techniques were devised to try to achieve this spiritual connection and were arduous and mostly futile. Modern yogas seem to focus on physical fitness, mental visualisations or turn spirituality into a commercial enterprise. Sahaja Yoga is the meta modern yoga of our time, that freely triggers this connection spontaneously.

It is this state of thoughtless awareness that sets Sahaja Yoga apart from other types of meditation. It is a transformative state which alters our overall experience of life by naturally increasing our ability to feel joy and peace within. The effects of true meditation are long-lasting and increase with regular practice.


In Shri Mataji’s own words “This is the only way now human beings can evolve into their higher realm of collective consciousness or what you call Self Realisation where they become the Self – the Spirit. It is said in all the scriptures that you are the Spirit but you have to be born again. So there is something that is lacking in this human life, in this human awareness. And this human awareness has to be enlightened by the light of the Spirit. But how to do it?

We think that by reading, talking, or thinking about it; crying for God, or worshipping God we can get it. It’s wrong. It’s a living process – just like a seed sprouting. Just like a primule coming out of the seed in a living way. In the same way, there is a Kundalini within us, a residual power, which is actually our primal desire that manifests this happening. She’s sleeping there till somebody who is the authority or has a capacity awakens her. Like the Mother Earth has got the capacity to awaken the primule in a seed. Nobody can do it. Even if you try to read the whole of Bible, the whole of Koran before a seed, it will not sprout.” (25/10/82)


Shri Mataji is that authority and has that capacity to awaken this residual power, the Kundalini, not only individually but to thousands at a time. This awakening potentially enables people to transform themselves into a higher dimension. She is the core of Sahaja Yoga and the source of all the knowledge and techniques which allows a state of true meditation and thus, yoga to be achieved. She is fundamental to attaining this new spiritual awareness by her mastery of the Kundalini.

Sahaja Yoga meditation works directly on the central nervous system that controls all of our mental, physical and emotional activity. It, therefore, has the potential to dramatically improve our wellbeing by going directly to the source of any problem. The immediate effects of raising the Kundalini, and going into thoughtless awareness, can be felt as a gentle release from our mind and a spontaneous state of bliss where one merely witnesses and enjoys the present moment. However, the effects of reaching this state go far beyond those moments of mental silence.


When the Kundalini rises, she removes the tensions occurring on our central nervous system that cause negative mental, emotional, or physical sensations, and brings our system into balance. Without any concentrated effort, we are relieved from any stress, weight or pain that we may be feeling.

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In the long term, this experience becomes stronger. With the regular practice of meditation, the central nervous system is regularly cleansed and becomes more resistant to imbalances. This is how we evolve into a more balanced, satisfied and loving person and get closer and closer to the essence of ourselves


The benefits of Sahaja Yoga can be experienced by absolutely anyone. Neither gender, age, ethnicity, religion, wealth, or background matter, nor do you need to have any prior experience of meditation. Every human being is born equal with the same potential lying within in the form of their Kundalini energy. Everyone has the capacity to get their Self Realisation, establish the union with the all-pervading power of the universe, and with their true self.

Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the blissful state of thoughtless awareness. Sahaja Yoga classes are offered all around the world in more than 84 countries–all that is required is an open mind and the desire to discover the truth about yourself.


Now, after over 50 years, Sahaja Yoga is a huge worldwide family of practitioners who freely make available all of Shri Mataji’s audios, videos and transcripts as well as many other resources. There are centres and properties used for public programs and meditation seminars which are all financed by donations and fundraising. It is an entirely non-profit organisation where the process of Self realisation and ongoing meditation programs are always offered free of charge. Shri Mataji insisted it is an evolutionary process and you cannot pay for your evolution. Just as a flower changes into a fruit the process cannot be forced or paid for. Sahaja Yoga is an organic movement maintained by the dedication and generosity of Sahaj yogis who themselves have transformed and benefited from the blessings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Sahaja Yoga and share her vision of an enlightened humanity.

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