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Heritage Projects

Heritage Projects

The Foundation supports the Heritage projects, whose aim is to protect, maintain and develop the heritage that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi donated to Sahaja Yoga in Val Borbera.

Please remember that this work is only possible because of the great generosity shown by Sahaja Yogis towards the Foundation in these past years. The structures left by Shri Mataji are for the benefit of all Sahaja Yogis and it is the task and privilege of the whole world collective to contribute to their maintenance. Among these are:

Palazzo Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Castle was in the past called Palazzo Doria and has now been renamed Palazzo Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. This historic building from the 14th century is a landmark in the Val Borbera area. The World Foundation, in collaboration with the team of Sahaja Architects and with the approval and control of the Superintendent of Fine Arts of Turin, has undertaken the careful and meticulous renovation of the structure and its functions.

The entire first floor of the palace has recently been reconstructed. A new Meditation Room has been created, open to all, and a library/archive on Sahaja topics will soon follow. The offices of the Foundation are also on this floor. Leading up to the first floor, the grand external staircase was repaired and repaved with large stone slabs, with a new iron parapet. There have also been many new technical installations.

The next stage will take place on the ground floor, with the creation of a new kitchen and several reception rooms to be able to accommodate many Sahaja Yogis.

Shri Mataji Foundation

Albera Camp

The Foundation has carried out many improvements to the area where pujas take place, and where Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis from all over the world are hosted. In particular, in recent years the kitchen and utility rooms have been upgraded and new bathrooms in the area called the Mulino have been created.

In 2020, during the pause created by the restrictions of the Covid pandemic, new service rooms were constructed at the side of the Puja hall. The number of bathrooms and showers has doubled and new dressing rooms and designated spaces for mothers were created. In 2022, a paved area between the Puja hall and the new bathrooms has been added for the comfort and convenience of Sahaja Yogis.


This building houses our Wellness Camps, many guests during the summer puja period, and the Cabella International Sahaja School. The facility is utilised a great deal and requires constant maintenance and improvement throughout the year.


This large residence donated by Shri Mataji is able to host up to 25 people for short stays and is used to house the staff of the Cabella International Sahaja School during term time.


A large complex in the municipality of Carrega Ligure placed in the lush greenery of the mountain, Daglio is used to host a number of youth camps and summer seminars.

Shri Mataji Foundation
Shri Mataji Foundation
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