News 2° Vertical Growth Seminar during Adi Guru Puja

2° Vertical Growth Seminar during Adi Guru Puja

Part and parcel of the Shri Adi Guru Puja weekend is the second Vertical Growth Seminar. As one of the four offerings dedicated to our Mother on the occasion of Her 100th birthday celebration, Vertical Growth aims at increasing our inner power of meditation.

The topic we will delve in-depth is Nirmala Chitta – our pure or enlightened attention. It will be accompanied by an ebook that will be available on Her 100th birthday celebration website. Moreover, during the seminar we will conduct workshops both in-person and online with groups of 4 yogis.

In our current day and age where attention is one of the most diminished resources at our disposal, learning how to conserve, preserve, and pivot the attention to serve our collective spiritual growth is of utmost importance. We are very much looking forward to gathering together again for this special occasion.


Join us on Saturday 16th July at 2pm CET either online on Zoom or Youtube. For more information, please visit our website.

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