News Palazzo Doria Renovation Update | Our Year Ahead for 2023

Palazzo Doria Renovation Update | Our Year Ahead for 2023

In Cabella, the Shri Mataji Foundation is committed to preserving and maintaining the heritage of Her legacy in many different ways. Since 2018, a large multi-year renovation plan that would transform the ground and first floor of the castle – approved by the Sangha, Foundation, the Belle Arti National Heritage Authorities and local authorities – has changed how we live, work, and learn in this sacred space gifted to us by Shri Mataji. For 2023, we look forward with excitement to offer the Sangha a range of renovated facilities. Read more below on what has been done, and what will be addressed this centenary year.

In broad brushstrokes, the renovation plan has multiple projects running in parallel, focusing on a specific outcomes such as opening a meditation hall on the first floor, moving the offices of the WF, introducing a Sahaja Library, and the creation of an inclusive and accessible communal area for formal and informal gatherings of the Sangha.


Projects Completed since 2018:

  • Renovation of main entrance on the first floor with the new, large meditation hall to the left
  • Complete renovation of the walls and ceiling frescoes on the first floor
  • Underfloor heating with a new electric system
  • Renovation of two bathrooms
  • Office moved to first floor
  • Rose Garden
  • Staircase

Our focus this year is the ground floor, which will provide the sangha with a communal space to mingle and meet, with a kitchen included. Works include:

  1. New outdoor design and tiling
  2. Completion of ground floor spaces
  3. Underfloor heating for the whole floor
  4. New central boiler room for the entire palace
  5. Installation and implementation of utilities for the large collective kitchen


In parallel, a dedicated team of architects, interior designers, artists, and people with experience in publishing and senior yogis are working together with NIPC, Amruta and the Foundation to make Shri Mataji’s vision of a Sahaja Library a reality. The library project consists of the following elements:

  1. Preparing a library room in the castle.
    The library will become a sanctified place where people can spend time reading and studying. For this, special furniture or book cupboards in traditional Italian design will be furnished.
  2. Printing the talks of HH Shri Mataji.
    On several occasions Shri Mataji indicated that Her talks should be preserved not only by digital means, but that they should also be preserved in print – on paper, that is. Therefore, a very important element of the library project is to print books containing all talks of Shri Mataji that are known to us so far.
  3. Preparing other library content.
    Based on the advice of Shri Mataji, the library will not only contain talks, books, letters, manuscripts and drawings from Shri Mataji Herself, but also books from realised souls and specific books She had commented or advised on. Also, some books written by yogis, such as Divine Cool Breeze, alongside Nirmala Yoga and holy scriptures will be included, too.


The greater aim of our renovation work at Palazzo Doria is to address one of the four pillars of the celebrations around the 100th Anniversary. By placing our attention on both the tangible and intangible heritage of our Mother, we are perpetuating Her Legacy for years – if not centuries – to come. Consider contributing to our collective mission.


Donations Page

We have created a dedicated bank account for all the work dedicated to the up-keep of Palazzo Doria. This will ensure that all donations will be entirely and solely dedicated to the execution of the planned works. The world collective need to be conscious of the fact that we are all responsible for the speed of advancements of the works. The faster the donations will come, the faster the planned works will be executed for the joy of the global Sangha and, we hope and pray, of our Divine Mother.

Our bank details are:

Address: Via Alessandro Manzoni 8, 15060 Vignole Borbera (AL) ITALY
IBAN IT 39 Y 05387 48710 000042201534




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