News Maintenance during Winter Off-Season | 2022-2023

Maintenance during Winter Off-Season | 2022-2023

In the off-season, the castle undergoes maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible until the puja season arrives in late Spring. A small but dedicated team have worked tirelessly to install, embellish and inspect many of the utilities and facilities under the Foundation’s remit. 

There are a handful of areas that have received attention during the past couple of months. One of these is the library wing that is undergoing a much longer process of becoming a point of study for Sahaja Yoga literature, history, and talks – all in all an archive of sorts. The most recent instalment in this room is a chandelier, similar to that found in the adjoining atrium and meditation room, thus functioning to provide symmetry and proper lighting.

Another large project was a full overhaul of the upstairs doors. The doors were individually picked off the hinges, transported to the cellar, scrubbed, fixed, and given a new coat of paint. Next to this, the plaster corners of the entrance were also updated, which are very prone to receive the occasional bump and scratch due to the frequent traffic in summer.

Last but not least, the murals in both the office and Shri Mataji’s kitchen received an annual touch-up, covering blemishes, marks, or usual wear & tear.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the moment to donate to the maintenance of our facilities in and around Cabella! With your support we can make the impossible possible. Please consider meeting or maintaining your previous year’s contribution. For more information, please see our donation page, or see directly below on how to submit a bank transfer.


We have created a dedicated bank account for all the work dedicated to the up-keep of Palazzo Doria. This will ensure that all donations will be entirely and solely dedicated to the execution of the planned works. The world collective need to be conscious of the fact that we are all responsible for the speed of advancements of the works. The faster the donations will come, the faster the planned works will be executed for the joy of the global Sangha and, we hope and pray, of our Divine Mother.

Our bank details are:

IBAN IT 49 C 03332 48420 000001511620

Please specify also in the transfer document the intended destination of your donation. Following:

Generic Donation Fund:
Your donation may be used for any of the projects of the World Foundation.
Cabella Education Fund:
Your donation will be used for the development of the school infrastructure and to subsidize running costs, which are not completely covered by the fees paid by parents.
Tape Preservation Fund:
Your donation will be used to fund the process of preserving Shri Mataji’s speeches for posterity and facilitating their access and availability to Sahaja Yogis.
Annapurna Fund:
Your donation will be used for the development of the new kitchen facilities in the Albera area.
Other Projects:
Please specify the project.
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