News Shri Ganesha Puja & Wedding Gallery | Cabella 2022

Shri Ganesha Puja & Wedding Gallery | Cabella 2022

The most eventful week in Cabella is, undoubtedly, Ganesha Puja and the wedding ceremonies. 


Each occasion this weekend, be it beautifying the groom and bride with delicate and detailed mehndi, covering oneself with a generous serving of yellow-orange haldi, or allowing devotion to flow through heartfelt bhajans and qawalis, every moment gave the opportunity for auspiciousness to be more firmly established both within and without.


There were also many talented yogi photographers from around the world contributing their skills to capturing the most vivid moments during the weekend. Thanks goes to Philippe Carton, Andrés Alarcón, Soroush Etminan, Ricardo Zabarain, Emanuele Coniglio, Emanuel Miru, Helena Fleay, and Yuanyuan Luo. We have made a selection of the best pictures above!


Moreover, if you wish to rewatch the evening program with the stunning performance of a troupe of ladies performing a qawali, Anandita’s beautiful rendition of praises to Shri Shiva and Tu Jhoom, or one of the many uplifting dance performances, take a look here.


Last, but not least, we had the privilege to observe the wedding of 28 couples under the auspices and guidance of the IMC. The occasion of a Sahaj Wedding – divine and sublime in nature – leads to the union of two realised souls in the bond of love known as marriage. It is unparalleled in its abundance of joy as the marriage is sanctified by the Divine and witnessed by the collective. It is a moment we wish to cherish again and again. You can watch the ceremony in full here. We also hope that our recap video brings the essence of this moment to life.

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