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“All of you have gathered here in such a great number to celebrate My birthday and it seems that Kaliyuga has ended because I could not imagine that a Mother would be given so much importance in these times. Also, I could not imagine that so many of My children would be enveloped in this heavenly joy. Whatever has happened has been so fast that it is unbelievable. All this is God’s grace. In your joy is My joy and in your desires lie Mine. I have no existence. Whatever is the desire of Sahaja Yogis, that is My desire; how the lives of the Sahaja Yogis are, that is My life.” (1986/03/21)

A year of commemorations is upon us as the centenary anniversary of the Eternal Devi Bhagavati’s most recent incarnation as Nirmala Srivastava in Chhindwara on the 21st of March, 1923, will be celebrated across India and the globe in the upcoming months. May this be a moment to remember Our Divine Mother’s Legacy, reunite the Sangha in one bond of love, and spread to the world the full revelation of Sahaja Yoga.


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  • Birthday Celebrations in India

  • Palazzo Doria Renovation Update for 2023

  • Maintenance during Winter Off-Season

  • Posta Photo Competition winner

  • Volunteer Call for Sustainability in Cabella

Birthday celebrationS in India

Shri Adi Guru Puja 2022

The subcontinent of India will see multiple efforts across many fronts to promote the awareness of Shri Mataji’s centenary celebrations. For the first time, all key information regarding tours, pujas, and other events have been brought together in one website, which can be accessed below. Take a moment to receive the love that our Indian brothers and sisters have offered in welcoming all to the country of Yoga Bhoomi.

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In Cabella, the Shri Mataji Foundation is committed to preserving and maintaining the heritage of Her legacy in many different ways. Since 2018, a large multi-year renovation plan that would transform the ground and first floor of the castle has changed how we live, work, and learn in this sacred space gifted to us by Shri Mataji. For 2023, we look forward with excitement to offer the Sangha a range of renovated facilities. Read more below on what has been done, and what will be addressed this centenary year.

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In the off-season, the castle undergoes maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible until the puja season arrives in late spring. A small but dedicated team have worked tirelessly to install, embellish and inspect many of the utilities and facilities under the Foundation’s remit. What’s new in the castle? Read our article.

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2° Vertical Growth Seminar

The Posta Photo competition has come to a close! We have announced the winner on our website, as well as taken a moment to look back at the joy and cheer the establishment provided to its patrons across the warm summer months into the late autumn breeze. Click the button below to see the winning portraits – maybe you’ll see a familiar face?

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We would like to call for 2 yuvas to spend at least 6 months in the valley, preferably having some competencies in sustainability and energy management, to support us in the creation and implementation of a sustainability strategy. In particular, one of these persons should be fluent in Italian. The main tasks of these two volunteers will initially be the collection, verification, and analysis of data which will help our institutions to determine how better to reduce our demand for natural resources and costs. Subsequently, various projects will be launched to address different sustainability issues.

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