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This month brings you back-to-back events that cultivate both the heart, mind and spirit. Be it through music, worship, or work: each act can be a devotion offered to Our Mother. More so, when collectively done to the One who came to rid us of the calamities of Kali Yuga. Let us gather together to see what She would have us to be – a united, integrated collectivity.


Shri Adi Guru Puja 2022

This July, as the moon waxes full, strings of praise for the Adi Guru will be heard in the Temple. To fully and completely devote ourselves towards the inner transformation guided by the tattwa of the Trimurti as the Teacher, we invite you to join us for this auspicious occasion at Cabella.


2° Vertical Growth Seminar

Part and parcel of the Shri Adi Guru Puja weekend is the second Vertical Growth Seminar. As one of the four offerings dedicated to our Mother on the occasion of Her 100th birthday celebration, Vertical Growth aims at increasing our inner power of meditation.

2° Vertical Growth Seminar



Devoting your time to Cabella International Sahaja School is a transformative experience like no other. It comes with its fair share of challenges and obstacles. Yet, if you allow yourself to be guided from the heart and the larger vision of Shri Mataji to mould people of the highest calibre to meet the most urgent needs of today and tomorrow – you, too, will be part of the pillar that sustains the dharma of the world.



Theatre of Eternal Values in collaboration with Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, joyfully invites Sahaja Yogis and Seekers of the world to attend the 2022 edition of the Culture of the Spirit Festival: The Gates of Peace. Held at the Sahaja Yoga World Centre in the sacred Borbera valley since 2007, the festival offers a refreshing and vibrant immersion in Sahaj culture through dance, music, theatre, visual arts and poetry, reaching out to both yogis and, especially, to seekers.  In addition to the artistic offerings, attendees can enjoy tours of Cabella castle, group foot-soaks in the river, nature walks, collective meditations and more.

Our beloved Mother Shri Mataji has guided us again and again to inspire and nourish seekers through the arts.  Here in the heavenly atmosphere of Cabella, cradled and guarded by surrounding hills, purified by flowing rivers, and cleansed in Her Divine Vibrations, we invite our dear seekers and beloved brothers and sisters from around the world to join us to celebrate and refresh our souls, within the Gates of Her Peace.

We encourage all the yogis to share this announcement with the seekers who they have mentored and nurtured, and if possible, attend the festival with them.

For information and registration, click below

The WF needs a full time gardener

Full time Gardener

There are a hundred and eight things that require the loving attention of our brothers and sisters in Cabella–one of which is to further our Mother’s legacy and to foster Her culture in the soul of Europe. See how you can contribute!

Full time Gardener
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