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Sahaja Schools Newsletter | April 2023

Modern education is very ego oriented. It creates more ego than love and compassion. What they need is to teach children how to share, how to be compassionate, how to be collective.
(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1985-03 18)

Cabella International Sahaja School

For our Mother’s 100th birthday, we wanted to create a shared platform where each Sahaja School could express themselves with a unified voice. While we may be based around the globe, working with either a couple of dozen or even a hundred students, at the core of what we do is to remain true to Shri Mataji’s vision of an education that will prepare the next generation of compassionate, innocent and dignified Sahaja Yogis. Below you will find a compilation of:

  • Testimonials
  • Sahaja Education
  • Children’s Quotes & Stories
  • Finances
  • Vision


Sahaja Schools

While teachers cater to the mind and learning of our students, it is the dorm staff who care for their hearts and wellbeing. We interviewed both current and previous dorm staff from our schools to get a glimpse into the day to day of being a supermum (or dad) to dozens of children. If Sahaja Yoga is about the ability to keep our heart open regardless of circumstances and to love each yogi equally, then the dorm staff are at the forefront of cultivating this sensitivity in the upcoming generation.

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Sahaja Education

We asked the simple and straightforward question to the principals of our schools: What is Sahaja education and why is it important? How is it different from the education our children would receive at their local school? The answers we received reveal the essence of education through the prism of education governed by innocence – one that looks back at our shared past for paths of wisdom, while looking forward with knowledge uncovered by the light of the Spirit. With these two in hand, our schools shape the next generation of Sahaja Yogis.

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It is a known truth that children have a special way of seeing the world. Especially, when guided by innocence.⁠ Over the years we have collected the wonderful, beautiful, and surprising insights that we have had the privilege to lend an ear to at Sahaja Schools around the globe. Also, Vienna Kindergarten has taken the opportunity to present a gift to Shri Mataji for Her Centenary Celebrations.

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By building transparency with our financial affairs we hope to promote to the sangha a clear picture of how critical every individual is in supporting the upkeep and success of our Sahaja Schools. If we can ensure that our schools can provide the best for our children today, then the next generation is endowed to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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Stories are rather simple: they have a start, beginning and end. Our schools, however, have multiple narratives running simultaneously. To illustrate our schools and frame them in their respective contexts, our Sahaja Schools have taken a moment to plot their current course and position: what projects have been completed, what is currently running, and what are the upcoming projects on the horizon. Click on a school to see their video below.



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