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The puja season this year in Cabella will come to a close with the solemn and joyous observance of the nine holy nights, wherein we thank with deep and lasting gratitude the manifold forms of the Great Goddess in vanquishing evil and rekindling courage. In this newsletter, we also look back at an eventful and wonderful summer in the valley – the beauty of which is boundless and beyond description.


Below you will find:


  • Navaratri 

  • Wellness Camp

  • Recap | Shri Ganesha Puja 

  • Wedding Gallery

  • Developments at CISS


Shri Adi Guru Puja 2022

Salutations to the Glorious Queen of the Universe, Shri Durga Mata Jagadamba. We would like to welcome all our brothers and sisters of the Global Sahaj Sangha to join us in the holy land of Cabella in offering a Puja to Shri Mataji during the Navaratri celebrations. Please remember to pre-register.

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2° Vertical Growth Seminar

Throughout July and August, Dr Sujata along with colleagues led a series of Wellness Camps in Cabella. About a week in length, each camp offered the space, guidance, and methods with which to vibrationally work on one’s subtle system. The insights garnered along the way were incisive, illuminating key aspects in the participant’s path of inner growth.

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The occasion of a Sahaja Wedding – divine and sublime in nature – leads to the union of two realised souls in the bond of love known as marriage. It is unparalleled in its abundance of joy as the marriage is sanctified by the Divine and witnessed by the collective. It is a moment we wish to cherish again and again. We hope that our recap video brings the essence of this moment to life.

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Over the course of the weekend, we had many yogi photographers from around the world contribute to collecting fantastic pictures of the puja, wedding, and other ceremonies. Thanks goes to Philippe Carton, Andrés Alarcón, Helena Fleay, Soroush Etminan, Rodrigo  Emanuel Miru, Emanuele Coniglio, and Yuanyuan Luo. Click below to access the gallery.

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Full time Gardener

As described during the Friday evening program of Ganesha Puja, CISS will be undergoing substantial changes in the upcoming years. These include a completely new school building that will be located in Cantalupo, adjoining the Ciminera Complex. To stay up to date on what is happening, watch the presentation in full below.

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