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Fall is in full swing in the valley. There is definitely space in the car park at the piazza. The smell of charred wood wafts through the streets of Cabella, warming up hearth and home. These moments of silence are punctuated by the occasional gathering of yogis in the valley, mingling, discussing, and looking towards what next year might bring. To escape the blanket of clouds that are drawn to rest in the valley at this time of year, one only has to ascend.

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  • Puja Calendar 2023

  • Sustainability in Cabella

  • Hotel Posta Photography Competition

  • Dorm Staff for Devi School

  • Volunteer Call for Cabella School

  • The Living Valley Project

Puja calendar 2023

Shri Adi Guru Puja 2022

The Central Committee has set puja dates for the upcoming centenary year of Shri Mataji’s birth. With a puja being celebrated on each continent, we hope to spread Her Divine Message further than ever before, while strengthening the bond between each and every one of us.

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We would like to call for 2 yuvas to spend at least 6 months in the valley, preferably having some competencies in sustainability and energy management, to support us in the creation and implementation of a sustainability strategy. In particular, one of these persons should be fluent in Italian. The main tasks of these two volunteers will initially be the collection, verification, and analysis of data which will help our institutions to determine how better to reduce our demand for natural resources and costs. Subsequently, various projects will be launched to address different sustainability issues.

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2° Vertical Growth Seminar

Last Puja season might have witnessed the most vibrational cappuccinos ever served in the history of the world. And to commemorate the occasion we are hosting the Posta Photo Competition – the winner will win a weekend at Posta for the next season! To take part, simply send a maximum of three pictures to These pictures should showcase your time at Posta. We will make a preliminary selection, and then give the Sangha the opportunity to vote for their favourite picture. Please submit your pictures by 18.12.2022. The preselection will be released the following week.

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Dorm Staff for Devi School


On behalf of DEVI International Boarding School, we would like to inform that they urgently need two dorm aunties from January to June, 2023. Applicants are invited from non-visa requiring countries only, unfortunately. If you are a very stable yogini who is good-natured, hard-working and loves adolescents and teenagers, we eagerly await your application! Come and join the adventure and vibrations at Shri Mataji’s school in Canada.

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Volunteer Call for Cabella School

Full time Gardener

Cabella International Sahaja School is looking for a Sport Teacher and a Washerwoman to join us from January to June 2023. Working at a Sahaja school is a unique opportunity to grow and learn in a collective environment, and give yourself the chance to develop a loving and compassionate personality. If you are interested, check the link below.

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Full time Gardener

Amongst the many initiatives in Borbera, the Living Valley Project strives to tap into local resources to produce a variety of grains, salads, and vegetables for Cabella International School and Sahaja Yogis. Without the use of additives, and following guidelines recommended by Shri Mataji, we imbibe vibrations into each part of the process from plant to plate.

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