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“A guru has to love her children and has to have strength and courage to correct her children.” (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1989-07 23)

Cabella International Sahaja School

CISS Newsletter | October 2022

In our little over a decade of existence, you have mostly heard us ask things from you – be it volunteers, money, or time. Now we want to give back, and draw back the curtain on Cabella International Sahaja School. There’s so much we want to share as we have followed in the footsteps of these young, realised souls; how they lead us forward, and how they help us grow. Want to learn more? Take a look below.


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CISS - Sahaja Schools

During Her later years, Shri Mataji placed significant attention on setting up a Sahaja School in Cabella. This model of Sahaja Education was not only meant for the Valley of Borbera, but it was a vision that spanned the breadth of the globe. Four yogis who were close to Shri Mataji at this time recollect their experiences and words of wisdom that She shared on these occasions.

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CISS - Sahaja Education

As a boarding school, we truly get a glimpse of the complex character of our students in a holistic manner. Over our decade of service to students in the Borbera Valley, we have tried and tested many methods to create actionable insights that aid both us as educators, but also parents in cultivating a character which can stand the test of time by fostering core qualities of innocence, dignity, fortitude, and pure joy. Click the button below to learn about the 360° Method!

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It is a known truth that children have a special way of seeing the world. Especially, when guided by innocence.⁠ Over the years we have collected the wonderful, beautiful, and surprising insights that we have had the privilege to lend an ear to at CISS. It is now our turn to share these pearls with you!

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CISS - Finances

We strongly believe in financial transparency, and we will do our best to communicate clearly and frequently with the collective. Please find below a link to a financial overview of CISS from 2019 to 2022.

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CISS Vision

CISS will be undergoing substantial changes in the upcoming years. These include a completely new school building that will be located in Cantalupo, adjoining the Ciminera Complex. This expansion will open up many new possibilities for the school, including widening access to more children. To stay up to date on what is happening, watch the presentation in full below.

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We hope you enjoyed this newsletter. For the 100th birthday of Shri Mataji, we are pleased to announce that we are offering a united front and coordinated communication platform for Sahaj Schools around the world.  The next newsletter, to be launched in March 2023, will include information from Vienna Kindergarten, Borotin, Canajoharie, CISS and Devi School.

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