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Shri Mataji newsletter January 2024

From the castle to the world sangha, we wish all a joyous New Year! May this moment be an opportunity to look back at the previous year, introspect on what has been done, and what could be done for the forthcoming year of 2024. At the castle we have taken this opportunity to see how both our big and small projects in and around the castle have embellished the beauty and helped to upkeep the home of our Mother here in Cabella. Yet, a Mother’s home is open to all Her children—by Her children, and for Her children.

Our joy has been to welcome you here, across the year, be it for only a couple of hours, weeks, or even months to meditate, decorate, or renovate! As a thank you, here is a montage to highlight the incredible help we’ve received in your time, attention and love this past year.

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Last year, we worked on nearly two dozen projects at the castle. We feel it is important to highlight them to show the attention to detail you have given to express the delight of the Spirit in the expression of creativity in aesthetics. Many of these projects began as personal initiatives in local collectives, which then came to full fruition at the castle.

If you are interested in helping out at the castle in the upcoming year, please reach out!

Nirmal Sevak

We are always more than happy to receive your suggestions.

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