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“What is the first quality of Mother? That She came on this earth and She has worked for people who are nowhere near Her. She stooped down to elevate others. And then gradually you can understand that this quality will take you to higher qualities than you think. So, among the seven colours to begin with, I am the green colour. Because I’m in the centre. Green colour is the colour that you get it from the Mother Earth. So first you must establish the quality of the Mother Earth that she sucks up all the problems, gives you the best that she has. Start with the Mother Earth, so you start with the Kundalini.”


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  1. Navaratri Puja

  2. Cabella in September Gallery

  3. Shri Ganesha Puja Talks

  4. The Crowns of the Goddess

  5. Wellness Camp 2023 Recap


Navaratri Puja 2023

Dearest Sahaja Family, It is with sincere love and respect that the hosting countries kindly invite you to join in and celebrate Navaratri that will be held in Cabella in October 2023 from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd, including meals and accommodation. With love from the hosting countries: UK, Switzerland, Belarus, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and Ukraine.

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Shri Ganesha Puja 2023 Puja Registration

The warm flickering flame of a small candle leaned to one side and another from its wick on the aarti plate that was gently balanced up and around to greet our brothers and sisters at the hangar. Above, in the brilliantly illuminated starry sky, the milky way crossed up and around to greet, in turn, the cooling night. Though, while the days still retained the lingering languid heat of the late summer sun, the darkening nights during September were magical. See below for a collection of these moments captured on camera by the talented photographers: Philippe Carton, Emanuele Coniglio, Lukasz Krajewski, Vera Samii, and Yuan Yuan.

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Shri Ganesha Puja Talk

In March 2022, on the occasion of Shri Mataji’s birthday,  the World Foundation and Nirmala Vidya endorsed a project called the Nirmala Vidya Collections, which aims at printing Shri Mataji’s talks in beautiful art books decorated by sahaj artists from around the world. At this Shri Ganesha puja we are pleased to announce that the first edition of such a book has been printed. The book, printed in Florence, Italy, is beautifully decorated with illuminated letters, illustrations and paintings created by Sahaja Yogis, all of which enrich and glorify even more the precious talks of Our Mother.

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The Crowns of the Goddess

In recent years, the attention of many yogis have been drawn to the crowns that were offered to Shri Mataji. Up in the castle attic, a great collection of crowns from pujas offered to Her in Cabella and elsewhere were re-discovered. Over the summer, a group of dedicated yogis fully restored the crowns to their full beauty to share their tremendous vibrations with yogis visiting the castle. The display units can be found in the Library Room and the Meditation Room on the first floor of the castle. For Navaratri Puja, a catalogue called “The Coronation of the Goddess – The Cabella Collection” will be published.


Wellness 2023 Recap

For a four week period in July to August, Casa Madre with Dr Sujata hosted the Wellness Camp in the peaceful land of Cabella. Each week welcomed a new batch of  yogis looking to establish, improve and deepen their connection and their meditation. With the help of many clearing techniques tailored for each individual, every yogi was also encouraged to work on their ascent on both a personal and collective level. By the end, the general mood was a blend of joy, fulfilment and elevation of one’s meditation.

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