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Watch the last rays of the sun climb up the white façade of Palazzo Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, while a flight of swallows race around in the golden glow of the approaching dusk. Behind the white plaster, each stone, brick and mortar is tightly fit with care and attention; every pipe and wire is drawn to precision; and all the ornamentation that embellishes the beauty and balance of the House of the Adi Shakti – the petal of a flower, the glance of an angel, the maze of mosaics – is a poem of love.


This tireless work of love is not only bound to the castle. It can be found in any and every location where the hand of a yogi has helped another, or where an act of service is rendered to our Mother. Verily, the Adi Guru himself as well as Samarth Ramdas, the incarnation of Shri Hanumana, has praised service to God through labour, be it mundane or extraordinary, as bhakti marg.


The streets of Cabella and that of Val Borbera have seen innumerable yogis walk along this path of bhakti, and in their wish to please our Mother, they have also left a gift for each other – a lasting legacy of love. Now, as before, there are countless opportunities to be part and parcel of this immensely rewarding Sahaja Culture in Cabella, be it through volunteering, internships, or taking part in one of the many projects in the valley.


Below you will find:

  • World Foundation Internship Program
  • Maintenance
  • House Help 
  • Garden
  • Living Valley
  • Sustainability Internship
  • Digitization
  • Albera Pop-Up Cafe
  • Mulino Kitchen 
  • Wellness Camp
  • Daglio Camp
  • Ciminiera Yuva Shakti Ashram
  • Cabella International Sahaja School


World Foundation Internship Program

These internships are for young people who are studying for a diploma, a degree or have recently completed their studies. The internships in sustainability, media & communications, event organisation, tourism & hospitality, web design, agriculture and architecture take place in and around Cabella Ligure, and are aimed at facilitating the professional growth of young people. If required, you are able to incorporate your studies while working during the internship.

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Maintenance 2023

From the castle to the hangar and back again. As a volunteer in maintenance, you are the hands that assist with tasks both delicate and demanding, be it fitting light fixtures in the castle, setting up tents near the hangar, waste management, or transporting machinery up and down the valley. It is an important area that requires good physical fitness, a generous serving of common sense, and a problem-solving mindset. We hope to operate a team of about 6 to 8 volunteers, who have a hands-on attitude and enjoy the occasional serving of cappuccinos and gelato!

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House help 2023

It is a unique opportunity to develop bhakti and shraddha in the abode of the Adi Shakti. As a volunteer, there are simple yet essential duties that maintain the cleanliness, harmony and peace amongst both the inhabitants of the castle as well as the multitude of yogis who visit throughout the year. Join us to cultivate this innate sense of the Gruha Lakshmi that builds contentment and satisfaction for the general wellbeing of all.

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Garden 2023

Tending to both the inner and outer garden, the Castle upon the hill boasts a vast collection of both perennial and annual plants located in the gardens that have been carved out from the mountainside. Over 34 species of rose are found in the estate alongside bushes of lavender, fruit trees, and various other beauties of nature that assure a dramatic display of light and colour from spring to autumn. As a volunteer, you'll support in the upkeep of this vast landscape that requires a knowing eye and caring hand.

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Living Valley 2023

Following the teachings given by Shri Mataji about Mother Earth, and inspired by the beautiful experiences in India in the field of agriculture, the Living Valley Project is making this ideal real in Val Borbera. For this purpose, a farm is already open, the “Bellavista Agri-Tourism Farm”, in the 5 hectares of land on the hill above the Sahaja Albera Complex near Cabella, where the Temple is located. An orchard, a vineyard, a rose garden, a vegetable garden and other such cultivations will glorify the beauty of Shri Adi Bhoomi Devi.

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Living Valley 2023

We are delighted to announce the opening of two positions for Sustainability Trainees. This is a unique opportunity for individuals passionate about sustainability and eager to make a real-world impact. We're looking for two dedicated yuvas who are ready to commit at least six months to assist in enhancing the Foundation's sustainability practices. You'll be at the forefront of the Foundation's green initiatives, working towards creating a more sustainable future.

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There are thousands of negatives and slides of Shri Mataji that need to be preserved in digital format by scanning. Where one photograph of the Adi Shakti can hold innumerable vibrations, consider the exceptional opportunity it is to further this legacy for the generations to come. The professional tools such as a scanner, computer and monitor are already at the office of the World Foundation. What is needed is volunteers who can dedicate their time to scan and archive this vast collection; there is no need to have special knowledge since you will be trained in the technical part. The only requirement is to be meticulous and responsible.

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Albera POP-UP cafe 2023

During July we will open the doors of our humble cafe near the hangar. It is a hotspot frequented by yogis during pujas and the Nirmal Arts Academy. A perfect place to meet and greet both old and new yogis, volunteering at the cafe offers a vantage point to appreciate the beauty in variety that Sahaja Yogis from around the globe bring to this corner of the world. Are you ready to offer an unprecedented amount of vibrated cappuccinos?

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Mulino kitchen 2023

During July we are expecting a generous amount of yogis to enjoy the splendid weather, vibes, and food offered in the valley. To meet this demand during the month of July, we hope that a couple of yogis would be able to volunteer their time in keeping the Nabhi’s of many yogis satisfied and pleased. Support can be in the form of directly assisting with the cooking, moving utensils and other items around stations, as well as overseeing the cleanliness and clean-up after meals.

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Wellness Camp 2023

Wellness Camp in Cabella will take place from mid-July to mid-August, providing a haven of vibrations within which to grow and sow the seeds of a better tomorrow. Over four weeks with your help Dr Sujata alongside colleagues will welcome four batches of participants from many countries to deepen their understanding of the subtle system. As a volunteer, you help in the day-to-day preparation of clearing sessions, meditations, and visits to the castle and hangar. More than just a moment for the participants to help out, volunteering at the camp is a choice opportunity to learn many clearing methods and, in turn, deepen your own spiritual axis.

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Daglio Camp 2023

Would you like to join this great experience and give the children the time of their life? The aim of the camp is to offer children the opportunity to live a yogi lifestyle, where they feel totally accepted for who they are, as beautiful young, realised souls. We always look for volunteers to offer great activities to the children (arts, sports, music etc.) and we need people with a teaching/pedagogy/child psychology qualification as we need one qualified person per 10 children. We also look for a qualified nurse/doctor/trained first aider. Please get in touch!

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Ciminiera Yuva Shakti Ashram 2023

Ciminiera Yuva Shakti Ashram (CYSA) offers the possibility of living in an Ashram near Cantalupo Ligure (Casa Ciminiera), and attending a local state school (middle or high school) in the valley, Val Borbera. Here the Yuvas will be able to benefit from all the advantages of collective life based on Sahaj values, under your guidance, care, and counsel. We are looking for deep and dedicated yogis, who can help steer these yuvas in both their individual as well as collective growth as mature and equanimous Sahaja Yogis.

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CISS 2023

Devoting your time to CISS is a transformative experience like no other. To get the chance to live and volunteer in such a dynamic place, with an incredible rhythm of growth, is a rewarding journey where theory becomes practice, where knowledge becomes awareness, and everything works out in complete auspiciousness under Her guidance. We are eagerly looking towards the next academic year of 2023/2024. To make it a successful one, applications are now open for all roles.

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